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HBSynLube.com, AMSOIL, synthetic motor oil, diesel oil, gear lube, synthetic grease, industrial lubricant, oil filter, air filter and auto parts, MD, WV, PA
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The orginal synthetic motor oil.
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AMSOIL Synthetic motor oils, lubes and filtration products. Automotive products designed to provide superior vehicle protection, performance, and fuel economy! AMSOIL is Independently Tested and Proven to be the World's Best Synthetic MotorOil! Using AMSOIL Synthetic products will save you time and money in oil changes, increase your fuel economy and will typically cut your mechanical wear rate in half.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain the best and most cost-effective choice on the market, saving customers money through extended drain intervals, reduced wear and maintenance and increased fuel efficiency. Amsoil provides products that extend drain intervals, improve fuel economy and help equipment last longer. AMSOIL created the first 100% synthetic motor oil approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 1972. Since this time, AMSOIL has been the best buy in synthetic oils, filters, and lube products. AMSOIL is the quality leader in the synthetic lubrication industry. AMSOIL decided to market via direct sales because independent distributors were able to invest the time and effort required to educate consumers about this revolutionary product. The success of AMSOIL direct sales effort has benefited the public by forcing oil companies, auto, and equipment manufacturers to improve the quality of their products. AMSOIL is committed to improving the quality of their products. Our competitors, therefore, will also have to improve and all consumers will benefit. AMSOIL has continued to grow and prosper competing with large corporations like Mobil because AMSOIL products have consistently performed better. AMSOIL is in the motor oils and lubricants industry.

AMSOIL base stocks ARE formulated from the very BEST full synthetic base stocks in the world. AMSOIL is the only manufacture of oil and lubricants that will not compromise quality for price. AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil, gear lubes and filters outperform conventional and all other brand synthetic oils. AMSOIL LUBRICANTS EXTEND OIL LIFE - AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants have superior heat and oxidation resistance to control sludge deposits and extend oil life. Engines stay clean for maximum protection and oil changes are reduced, saving time and money.

AMSOIL PROTECTS HOT ENGINES - Its superior viscosity stability provides unsurpassed bearing protection for dependable engine operation, especially during hot operating conditions. MAXIMIZES FUEL ECONOMY, REDUCES OIL CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS - AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil resists high temperature volatilization (evaporation) better than other motor oils. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil maintains peak fuel efficiency and reduces oil consumption and emissions. IMPROVES COLD TEMPERATURE STARTUP - Unlike conventional oils that solidify in cold temperatures, AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor oil remains fluid down to -58┬░ F. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil helps engines turn over easier and flows quickly to engine parts for critical start-up protection. Engines start faster and wear is greatly reduced for extended engine life. Using AMSOIL will save enough per year in fuel savings to pay for all your vehicles lubrication needs. CONTROLS ACID FORMATION- The high TBN of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil allows it to effectively combat wear-causing contaminants and acids, providing superior protection and performance over extended drain intervals. HELPS ENGINES START EASIER - The low cold crank viscosity of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil reduces drag on moving engine parts and allows engines to achieve critical cranking speed in extremely frigid temperatures. Engines turn over quickly and dependably in the coldest winter temperatures. PROTECTS AGAINST WEAR - Tests show that AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil has better antiwear performance than all other oils tested. With AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, engine life can be extended and major repairs are often reduced. AMSOIL Synthetic motor oils, gear lubes and filters are easily accessible online and will be shipped directly to your door by UPS, in usually less than three business days.

A.J. Amatuzio started AMSOIL INC in 1972. AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics" and also the first in quality, protection and performance. Every other oil company in the world was given the chance to object when AMSOIL applied for trademark rights to "The First in Synthetics", yet after 90 days of waiting, not a single one objected!

The AMSOIL Synthetic lubricant technology has been field tested over the last 35 years in the most severe driving conditions. Over the road big rigs, towing, hauling and of coarse racing! Amsoil sponsors many racing teams! In fact, here is what legendary Bobby Unser 3-time Indy 500 Winner, 35 overall Indy Car wins, and 13-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb Winner says; "AMSOIL is the Best Lubricant made, the Standard to which all others are judged!" We can guarantee maximum engine performance and protection for up to 25,000 miles in most vehicles.

Petroleum motoroils only have a film strength of about 400 psi where AMSOIL motor oils have a film strength of 3300 psi and does not break down, shear or loose viscosity under heat and stress? Petroleum motoroil breaks down under heat and stress and leaves carbon, varnish and sludge deposits in your engine and allows your critical engine components to wear much more rapidly. It's no wonder you have to change it every 3000 miles and your local quick lube or auto dealer can't wait to see you again to charge you more of your hard earned money!

Amsoil synthetic lubricants help protect our environment! By providing extended drain intervals less oil is required. Our pure synthetic oil helps control pollution because it doesn't burn off like petroleum motor oils. You could eliminate our dependency on foreign oil if everyone used it. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil has been proven the best for 35 years and will dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy, and life! Many say AMSOIL is Free!

A. J. Amatuzio, AMSOIL President and CEO, "Our Company makes the Best Lubricants in the world, period, and challenges anyone or any company to prove us wrong! That won't happen because our competitors know it's true." Our competition "the big oil companies" like (Mobil 1, Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Quaker State) have been formulating oils down to a price, while AMSOIL continues formulating products up to the highest performance standards. AMSOIL Synthetic oils EXCEL in testing!

AMSOIL Complete Online Product Guide provides recommendations for your vehicles including synthetic motoroils, premium synthetic lubricants, automotive oil and air filters, Wix and Donaldson filters, performance extended drain intervals, diesel engines, fuel additives, by-pass filter, oils 0w-30 5w-30 10w-30 10w-40 20w-50, compressor oil, antifreeze, grease, octane, cetane boost, drivetrain fluids, racing lubes, turbos, marine lube 100:1 2-cycle pre-mix, automatic transmission fluid, and more. Ask which AMSOIL synthetic products are best for your application.

If you are being told to use 5W20 motoroil this is a must read article for you. What is 5W-20 or 0W-20 motor oil technical information. Using AMSOIL synthetic oils-gear lubes- filters allow vehicles and equipment to last longer, perform better and will save thousands of dollars in oil changes, repairs and new vehicle purchases. AMSOIL lubricants provide superior protection for your Cars, trucks, diesels, racing, snowmobiles, heavy equipment, ATV's, motorcycles and more. AMSOIL Synthetic motor oils are for all engine applications, automotive, trucking, diesel pickup, motorcycle, motocross, racing, industrial, Heavy equipment, racing, R/V, marine, snowmobile and more! Changing your lubricants to Amsoil will dramatically improve vehicles performance, fuel economy and life!

AMSOIL Synthetic motor oils, gear lubes, greases, compressor oils premium oil air filters. For convenience, savings, performance and protection visit our Online store for home delivery of our extensive product line. We are here to document facts and data comparing AMSOIL Synthetic lubricants to petroleum oil as well as other competitors of synthetic oils. Consumers are very smart these days, demand the best for their expensive vehicles and have the tools and technology available to do their own research and seek out the proven facts about synthetic oil.

A.J. Amatuzio founder, President and CEO, designed AMSOIL synthetics with the express purpose of making motor oils that were of such high quality, they could totally outperform the oils of the day. AMSOIL manufactured the first oil made for extended drain intervals to 25,000 miles or one year in 1972. Today, AMSOIL still has their 25,000 mile/1-year oil, and has now formulated a 35,000 mile/1-year oil or no oil changes with by-pass filtration and oil analysis testing. The other oil companies don't have anything that even comes close to what AMSOIL offers!

AMSOIL is specially engineered to last longer in service and perform better than any motor oil product on the market. AMSOIL published tests and over thirty years of satisfied customers prove it! There is not a single one that even comes close to providing the wear protection that AMSOIL does! Just look at the test graphs on the back of AMSOIL Signature Series 20W-50 Racing Oil or the Signature Series 0W-30 Severe Service Oil. Won't find that on any other competing engine oil, they can't compare to Amsoil performance motor oils.

The 20W-50 Mobil-1 Supersyn leaves a wear scar over 5 times that of the AMSOIL (0.454 mm for AMSOIL vs. 2.026 mm for Mobil-1)! Same thing for Havoline (0.819 mm), Valvoline Maxlife (1.802 mm), Castrol Syntec (2.284 mm), Quaker State (1.189 mm, synthetic blend). The Mobil-1 Supersyn 0W-30 leaves a wear scar 5 times that of the AMSOIL 0W-30 (0.374 for AMSOIL and 1.842 for Mobil-1)! Same thing for Pennzoil, Penzoil 5W-30 at 0.848 mm , Mobil 1 5W-30 at 0.667 mm and Quaker State 4x4 10W-30 Synthetic Blend at 1.497 mm. The Supersyn does not compare to AMSOILS extended drain interval 25,000 mile/1-year or 35,000 mile/1-year oil (0W-30). Mobil does not recommend or guarantee 25,000 mile/1-year drain intervals like AMSOIL 5W-30, 10W-30 or 10W-40 or 35,000 mile/1-year drain intervals like AMSOIL 0W-30 Severe Service Synthetic does and that is a fact. No-where on the Mobil bottle does it state 25,000 miles/1-year or 35,000 miles/1-year, AMSOIL does. Mobil-1 Supersyn 0W-30 allows for a 1.842 mm wear scar compared to the AMSOIL Series 0W-30 Severe Service which only allows for a 0.374 mm wear scar. That means, Mobil-1 0W-30 allows for 5 times the wear that AMSOIL 0W-30 does!

Mobil 1 has run the tag line for their advertising stating "nothing outperforms Mobil 1". Mobil makes a good oil, but were here to show you that it does not outperform AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils. They can come out with all the catchy advertising buzz words to market their oils, but in the final analysis, buzz words don't add one thing to their product's performance. The only reason AMSOIL has continued to grow and prosper competing with large corporations like Mobil is that AMSOIL products have consistently performed better. Changing oils and lubricants to Amsoil will dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy and life! Cars, trucks, diesels, racing, snowmobiles, heavy equipment, ATV's, motorcycles, ORV's, watercraft, and tractors.

AMSOIL was the "First in Synthetics" in 1972 and still is first; proven to be the best in synthetic motor oil. Our company, H&B Products, offers the very best synthetic products, oils, lubes, and filters in the world.




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